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Postcard Ordering Tips

1. The lines of text that appear on the postcard templates are only there as a suggestion. For example if you need an extra address line and don’t have a fax number then simply delete the fax/other line in the form and add another line in the address section. You can use the lines for other details if you wish such as social networking details.

2. When your postcard order is placed your postcard template is saved on our system ready for you to reorder your postcards in the future. When reordering your postcards you will be able to make changes to your details if needed.

3. It is important that you check your online postcard proof carefully as our system is automated and therefore we are unable to amend proofs once ordered and your postcards will be identical to your proof.

4. You can order multiple sets of postcards at the same time. Simply edit your first postcard template and add it to your cart. Then simply repeat the process for the next postcard and add this to your cart. When you have finished editing your postcards you will see them in your cart ready for ordering.

5. On the postcard proof page you are asked for a description of your postcard. You may have ordered several postcards so this is very useful when it comes to reordering your postcards as it will help you easily find the postcard template you are after. The postcard description appears on your previous order information with a link to the previous postcard design.